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An online, innovative series of 4 videos to help smokers quit tobacco.

Straightforward Stop Smoking is a special video campaign run by Steve Tindall, a Stop Smoking Advisor who has been working within the NHS since the year 2000

The film explains in plain English the step-by-step process of quitting. You can watch the videos as you please by stopping, then continuing or replaying when you are ready. Scroll down to see all 4 videos.

Start your smoke free journey by pressing play below and watching the first video consisting of a 5 minute introduction followed by 14 minutes of Part 1 Psychology. 

PART 2 – Part two deals with the various ways of curing Nicotine addiction by using medication or other methods. You will be given guidance on selecting the best way for you.

PART 3 – How to change your habits is outlined in part three, together with a special section on stress.

PART 4 – Finally, all the advice from the first three parts will be brought together in part four where we will create your plan. We’ll finish with some tips and information before sending you off on your smokefree life.

Hello! I’m Steve

Stop Smoking Advisor

There is no one right way to quit smoking, everybody is different and therefore they have a different route to take to help change their life for the better. I believe that everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is bad, so Straightforward Stop Smoking does not follow the usual method of scaremongering, but instead gives viewers a valuable helping hand to make a change.

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